『RVTS Sydney Workshops、始まる ―RVTS Sydney Workshops Day 1―』

RVTS Sydney Workshops」が、ここシドニーにて開幕を迎えました。







Today is the opening day of RVTS Sydney Workshops!

A total of 60 registrars, who has been working in rural remote areas in Australia, gathered together at the venue in Sydney!

They are to learn about various techniques and knowledge on rural medicine here.


In the first day, we learned about many things: how to utilize online materials, the differences between supervisor and mentor in the remote medicine education, how to lead the registrars to achieve their goals, the basis skills and knowledge about echography, how to operate the clinic, and so on.


At the night of the day, a welcome party for registrars, supervisors and their families was held at a hotel in the center of Sydney.

In the party, registrars talked about rural medicine not only friendly but also seriously.

We are all in the same boat!



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