『RVTS Sydney Workshop Day 4』






RVTSのCEOであるパトリック・ギディングズ氏に、そう囃し立てられるように壇上に押し上げられ、2年前から始まったオーストラリアとの交流を踏まえた “日本流の戦略” について、15分間みっちりと語らせていただきました。







In the fourth day of the workshop, the first-year registrars participated in the training program of emergency medicine at a nearby hospital.

And, the third and second-year registrars received helpful guidance on mental health care and preparations for exam that they would sit after RVTS programs, respectively.


After the training, a dinner party was held and I attended at it.


In the party, Patrick Giddings, the CEO of RVTS, amusingly introduced me to participants, and encouraged me to make a speech in front of them.

So, I talked about the strategy on development of good healthcare system in Japan for a full 15 minutes.


By the way, in cooperation with RVTS, we could hold a workshop on rural medicine supervised by Australian GPs in Japan in the near future!

Actually, all of the RVTS members have warm and passionate spirits, so they always stimulate my motivation.


From now on, I would like to create and offer many opportunities where you could be involved with them!



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