『RVTS Sydney Workshops Day 2 – Evening』





パーム島はアボリジニの“流刑の地” であったため、誰も立ち入ることのできない島でしたが、彼はそのパーム島の住民からも、とても愛されていました。








In this evening, first-year registrars learned about “Basic Obstetrics”.

The man in the photo who looks like a Santa Claus is Dr. Peter McKenna. He has been very popular among RVTS registrars.


He has always chosen to work as a GP obstetrician and gynecologist in the harsh environment.

Actually, he had engaged in medical care at Christmas Island and Thursday Island before electricity spread across the islands.


Moreover, he has been well-loved by the people of Palm Island, also known as “the place of exile for Aborigine”.

I respect him so much; he is one of my mentor.


By the way, second-year registrars received intensive lectures on “artus” in the same time frame.

From knees to shoulders, they learned about joints throughout the body and how to do with those.


For supervisory doctors, they seemed to be very busy in the workshop. They also, however, seemed to be fulfilled and having fun!



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