『17th Rural Cafe ―世界と繋がるへき地医療―』

今日は、「Rural Family Medicine Cafe」に参加してきました。

Rural Famliy Medicine Cafeは、世界各国の医師や医学生がへき地医療や地域医療について議論し見識を深めることを目的にするオンライン討論会。












風土や文化の異なる地域において実際に経験した出来事から吸い上げられた “生きた情報” は、どれも非常に興味深いものばかりであり、非常に有意義な話し合いの場となりました。

なお、Rural Family Medicine Cafeは、日本の医学生の参加も大歓迎とのこと。





Today, I participated in the “Rural Family Medicine Cafe“.

The Rural Famliy Medicine Cafe is a monthly online forum alive with practitioners and students from all over the world to discuss about Rural Family Meidine.

And, this was the 17th time for this unique and helpful online discussion to be held.

In the forum, Amber Wheatley, who is from Carribean country and now a medical student of Swansea University in the UK, played a role as a moderator.

According to her moderation, we have discussed on the current and actual situations of each country from the perspective of the followings:


– Issues commonly experienced in rural medicine

– Issues commonly experienced in the training on rural medicine for medical students or young doctors

– Advice that we would give to students or young doctors who want to experience rural medicine

– What advice would we give our old selves before coming to rural areas

– How we can introduce rural medicine into standard medical education


This time, participants assembled from various countries: the United States, Australia, the United Kingdomm, Scotland and Japan.

Everyone had experienced different troubles and happenings in different climate and culture. So, all the stories I heard there were really impressive and evocative for me.

I could share a wonderful time with them!


By the way, this online forum always welcome anyone who would like to take part in or has been interested in the rural medicine, of course, including Japanese medical students.

Why not participate to next Rural Family Medicine Cafe with me, if you would like to!


I’m really looking forward to meeting you online!



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