『「GMT」がパームアイランドに ―“GMT” Now Includes Palm Island―』



へき地医療の分野で名を馳せるジェームズクック大学ですが、同大学が組織する総合診療医(GP)を育成するためのトレーニング機関である「GMT(Generalist Medical Training)」もまた、質の高い教育と訓練を提供することで有名です。



なお、ゲネプロの提供する「Rural Generalist Program Japan(RGPJ)」プログラムでは、1年間のプログラムを終了した研修生は、3ヶ月間の短期研修に参加することが可能です。




Palm Island, a small remote island that used to be infamous as one of the most dangerous place in the world, is now a beautiful plane with abundant nature.


Well, “GMT(Generalist Medical Training)” is the unit for training of GPs, which was organized by James Cock University that is distinguished in the rural and remote medicine.

Actually, GMT has also been famous as the splendid education provider for GP candidates and offers opportunity for the registrars to receive a training in the Palm Island.


By the way, you could participate in the 3-month elective training program after finishing our 1-year “RGPJ” program; and the IELTS Overall Band Score “7.0” or more will broaden your options in the elective program.

So, you may have a specialized training in Australia, a frontier in the rural and remote medicines, if you could meet the requirements during the program.



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