『The World’s Wildest Generalist ―世界中どこでも “戦える” 人々―』



“World’s Widest Generalist”





ゲネプロの「Rural Generalist Program Japan(RPGJ)」では、“Elective Program(短期研修)” として、世界各国のへき地などで実地研修できる仕組みを提供しています。


そして今年4月末には、今回で第14回目を数える「World Rural Health Conference」が、オーストラリアのケアンズにおいて開幕を迎えます。

私もイベントに参席し、「ジンバブエ」、「スコットランド」、「ブラジル」および「カナダ」でもElective Programを実施できるように交渉をしてくる予定です。




Our Rural Generalist Program Japan (RGPJ) provides the registrars with various Elective Programs.

Through those programs, the registrars could visit the rural remote areas and gain experience in rural medicine there.


So, I WILL expand the system of Elective Program more.


From the end of Aprli, the 14th Wolrd Rural Health Conference is to be held in Cairns, Australia.

I am going to participate in the conference; I will negotiate with persons concerned in order to offer another Elective Programs in Zimbabwe, Scotland, Brazil and Canada.


We would like to groom the “World’s Widest Generalists”, who have the capabilities to work as GP anywhere in the world, as many as possible!



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