『Resilience in Rural Medicine ―地域医療における適応力とは―』

今月の『Be a Better Doctor(オーストラリア指導医とのグループディスカッション)』は、イーウェン・マクフィー先生が講師。






そんな先生が定義する Resilience(適応力) とは?








なお、来月15日と16日の2日間、千葉県銚子市の島田総合病院にて開催されるワークショップでは、イーウェン先生のほか、日本各地から駆け付ける専門医による指導の下、どっぷりと “手技強化トレーニング” を行います。




This time, we were happy to invite Dr. Ewen McPhee as an instructor to our “Be a Better Doctor”, the monthly online discussion that is supervised by Australian Rural GPs, and be given a talk about “resilience in rural medicine”.


Thankfully, he shared, without stint, his philosophy with us that he formed in his long journey of working in rural communities.

In the lecture, he listened carefully to registrars sharing their stories, and gave advice on “how to be a better doctor and better human being as well”.


Next month, he and his wife is to visit Japan in order to supervise registrars at the workshop focusing on enhancing skills and techniques.

I look forward to hosting them and hope that they could enjoy a short stay in Choshi-city, Chiba prefecture.



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