『RGPJのロゴが完成しました ―Thie Is the Official Logo of RGJP―』


ついに、「Rural Generalist Program Japan(RGPJ)」の公式ロゴが完成しました。

GENEPRO のロゴと同様に、カモメは離島やへき地にやってきた医師を表す。灯台とその光はプロジェクトを表し、離島・へき地へ渡る医師(カモメ)の道標となる。

「Rural Generalist Program Japan(RGPJ)」の公式ロゴ






さらには、カモメを離島・へき地医療に挑戦する医師、灯台をふるさとや離島・へき地に見立て、“外で多くの経験を積んた医師(カモメ)たちが、故郷へと舞い戻る時の道標になる” というGENEPROの理念をも表現しています。











The first image above is the official logo of the Rural Generalist Program Japan (RGPJ)!

My younger cousin, Erika Murakami who works as a freelance designer created this fabulous logo; she also had designed the official logo of our company.


She talked to me about the background behind designing of the logo.


“While I was designing this logo, I remembered that I had been moved by the indescribable beauty of the sun I had watched in Iceland in past times.

I felt the sun that rose on the lonely areas where harsh environments still remains much warmer and brighter than usual. And, as I was gazing over the sun, I gave thought to how tough and hard to live there is.

Finally, I guessed every doctors, who have been in rural areas and remote islands, also lives there while gazing at the sun with various thoughts in their minds. So, I added the sun into the logo.”



She said that the seagull represents the doctors, who visits the rural and remote areas.

Then, the lighthouse and beam from the beacon represents the program itself; it is also portrayed as a symbol of guidepost for the doctors.

Furthermore, to my delight, she told me that the overall design was inspired by the scenery of the sea in my hometown.


Thank you Erika so much for creating such a splendid logo for us! All I have to do is to make the idea lay behind the design into a reality!



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