『Dr.コトー、オーストラリアをゆく~豪州へき地医療学会 ―Dr. Koto in Australia―』

先日、瀬戸上健二郎先生(Dr.コトー)と共に「Rural Medicine Australia 17(RMA17)」に参加させていただきましたが、壇上でスピーチする瀬戸上先生や会場の様子をまとめた記事が、新たにマイナビDOCTORに掲載されました








This time, the report about Dr. Kenjiro Setoue (also known as Dr. Koro) and his speech at Rural Medicine Australia 17 (RMA17) held in this October has published on Mynavi DOCTOR.


”Actually, I had thought that I may not need to speak English until I stand here today. But, I’m now feeling the need for it. As the serialization of the manga of “Dr. Koto” has recently resumed after years of rest, I’ll begin to learn English from this age for the future”, he said in his speech in Japanese and drew laughter from the audience.

In addition, the report tells us about his behavior and manner during his speech and atmosphere in the venue. Please read it if the time permits (Excuse me, however, the report is written only in Japanese).



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