『RVTSが生まれた理由 ―The Raison D’etre of RVTS― 』




――しかし、そう易々と妙案は形にならず、“医者のへき地離れ” に歯止めをかけられない。



オーストラリアは、その突破口を「新しい遠隔教育システムの創出」に見出し、新たに「RVTS(Remote Vocational Training Scheme)」を創設しました。





以下は、RVTSの研修プログラムが誇る “四本柱”。

  • Live Weekly Webinars(週1回のWebinar)
  • Face-to-Face Workshops(年2回の集合型ワークショップ)
  • Clinical Teaching Visits(実地研修)
  • Remote Supervision(指導医による遠隔指導)


なお、ゲネプロの提供する「RGPJ(Rural Generalist Program Japan)」でも、RVTSによる指導とサポートの下、RVTS式の遠隔教育システムを取り入れています。







Have you ever heard about how and why “RVTS(Remote Vocational Training Scheme)” was established in Australia?

In fact, the answer is really simple: to break a vicious circle in which remote rural areas often could be caught.


In many of rural remote areas, doctors tend not to take root in the areas since the systematic education systems has been absent. And, the absence of doctors provokes residents’ feeling of anxiety.

What’s is worse, although the anxiety urges the hospitals and local governments to seek the solution for the problem, it is, usually, never easy to find and realize it. So, the vicious cycle remains there.


Actually, RVTS was established as a education provider specialized in rural remote medicine and distance education in order to avoid and deal with such a serious situation.

Their training program comprises four main components:

  • Live Weekly Webinars
  • Face-to-Face Workshops
  • Clinical Teaching Visits
  • Remote Supervision


The reputation from registrars who partake in the program has been high; our “RGPJ(Rural Generalist Program)” is modeled on it and introduces its distance education system under the guidance of RVTS.

I would love to continue seeking for what is splendid and giving back it to society in one form or another.



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